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 It’s like having your own Department of Getting an Edge

You and your business matter. You power Calgary. We are here to power you. Chamber membership helps your business grow faster and be more competitive. It’s grow time Calgary.

Being a Chamber member gives you a badge of ownership and a vibrant business community to belong to. We provide a podium of record, where we are the strong voice having critical conversations with policymakers about economic issues. We provide programs and expertise that will help you nourish, power, and inspire your business growth. As a Chamber, we are three years older than Calgary – our foundation was built on promoting a railroad for Calgary and since then we haven’t stopped advocating for Calgary’s growth.

In 2018 the Calgary Chamber welcomed 347 new members. Today, the we have over 1,500 member businesses who employ over 400,000 people.

Thank you to all our long-standing Chamber members celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.

A very special thank you to our Purpose Partner, Nutrien, and our Prestige and Champion members, for continue to support our purpose and unite under one voice to grow Calgary’s business community.

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Champion Members

We nourish, power, and inspire your business so you can nourish, power, and inspire the world. 

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