Our roots are deep, which means our growth has no limits, and it is our job to nourish, power, and inspire you and your business so you can nourish, power, and inspire the world.

We are your Podium of Record, where we investigate issues, provide facts and advocate for what’s best for the Calgary business community. We are your innovation hub with our Ignite Business Accelerator program. We support the next generation of business leaders with GenYYC in partnership with the Calgary Foundation. We give you a peer to talk to when you need one with CEO Peer Mentoring. We build a community of like-minded business owners and all are welcome.

Our Values

At the Calgary Chamber we nourish, power and inspire scalable growth in the Calgary Business Community. We influence, we evolve, we create. This is how we make an impact.

Influence. Evolve. Create.

We are influencers. We generate positive experiences. Fueled with facts, we amplify the collective voice of business. Our impact unites Calgary’s business community.

We are always evolving. We build on our legacy and honour the change-makers. We continuously pursue possibilities. Collision of ideas moves us forward.

We are creative. We do not think in limits. We are bold and collaborative in our approaches. Together we fail forward and we experiment.

By working together to champion business in Calgary, we can drive success for the city.

Join us. It’s Grow Time.

To learn more about the Calgary Chamber visit: https://www.calgarychamber.com/