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Day in and day out, farmers across Canada work hard to produce high quality crop to feed a growing global population.

Agriculture is the foundation for life, and as the industry continues to adapt and innovate, consumers are becoming more aware of where products come from and how they are produced. As Nutrien strives to feed a growing population, they are working to better connect farmers, who are passionate about growing food, with consumers, who want to know more about where their food comes from.

Crop inputs and technology are playing an increasingly large role in food production and ensuring sustainability in the industry.

Nutrien is the world’s largest provider of crop inputs, services and solutions and works with farmers around the word to maximize crop yields. Delivering potash, nitrogen, phosphate, and innovative technology, Nutrien prides itself on growing with its customer partners.

Producing 13 million tonnes of potash annually, Nutrien is the world’s largest producer of potash and the third largest producer of nitrogen. Nutrien also produces phosphate from seven facilities across North America. Nutrien’s products are sold through a global network of 1,700 retailers with 3,300 crop advisors and agronomists supporting farmers in the field.

As with most industries, Nutrien is currently leveraging the power of technology to innovate and develop products that have a positive impact across the entire agriculture sector. Much of this innovation is focused on continuing to improve crop yields and quality while minimizing crop input application rates.

By working with farmers Nutrien has been able to leverage massive amounts of in-field data to better understand growing conditions, environmental impacts, and the utilization of crop inputs. Farmers are also driving the move for more automation on farms, looking for simple, easy to use solutions that are tailored to their business.

One example of this is a digital offering Nutrien introduced last year providing growers with an all-in-one digital service hub. Farmers have access to data and analysis they need for cropping decisions, while the integrated platform allows agronomists and field service representatives to provide solutions to optimize yields and financial results. This increases the relationships with farmers and provides Nutrien with an opportunity to adapt and respond in real time.

Community involvement is core to Nutrien’s business, which is why in 2018 Nutrien became a Purpose Partner of the Calgary Chamber. Nutrien believes that by investing in people and community they can create growth opportunities in Calgary, Western Canada and around the world. Nutrien is aligned with the Chamber’s values and believes that building a strong business community will build vibrancy in our communities.

With a corporate office located in Calgary along with four nitrogen facilities and 106 retail locations across Alberta, Nutrien continues to thrive in Calgary. Having access to an international airport allows Nutrien to build key connections in different global cities while staying connected to farmers in Canada.

Like farmers, everything Nutrien does is built from the ground up. Nutrien strives to become the leading integrated agricultural solutions provider, supporting farmers across the county and around the globe as they tend to their crops day in and day out.

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