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The Chamber is proud to be your podium of record where we investigate issues, provide the facts and advocate for what’s best for the Calgary business community. 2018 was a big year for the business community, we advocated for and amplified your voice on issues including Trans Mountain, Cannabis, Olympics and more.

Trans Mountain

The Chamber continued to be a strong advocate for the construction of natural resources infrastructure, specifically the Trans Mountain Pipeline. This project is one of national significance that has now taken on broader symbolism of Canada’s inability to approve and build major projects. By the end of 2018, Alberta was losing $80 million daily as a result of not being able to get energy products to market, an unacceptable situation for all Albertans. The Chamber will continue to seize every opportunity to advocate for our resource sector and for the removal of internal trade barriers.

Read our press release from May 2019: https://www.calgarychamber.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/STATEMENT-TMX-20180529.pdf


The national legalization of recreational cannabis brought with it many opportunities, but also many uncertainties for businesses and individuals. Through a series of events, webinars, and research papers, the Chamber smoothed the journey into legalization for many businesses and investors. The Chamber worked with both the City of Calgary and the Alberta Government to ensure both orders of government developed business friendly regulations in a timely manor to govern the new industry.

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The Chamber took a role of advocating that all information be openly shared, so that Calgarians could make informed decisions. From the beginning of the debate we saw the Olympics as a potential economic platform. One that could bring opportunities to bolster deal flow and increase investment, but only if it was planned with a long-term vision and a reasonable budget. The result of the no vote at the plebiscite showed that Calgarians want to focus more on fiscal responsibility, than international events.

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Calgary Non-Residential Property Tax

Building off our work in 2017, the Calgary Chamber advocated for non-residential property tax relief in 2018. This program capped 2018 municipal business property tax increases to 5 per cent and benefited close to 7,500 business properties while providing $41 million in tax relief. The 2017 and 2018 program illustrated how the Chamber’s advocacy directly benefited business in Calgary. However, impacts from the loss of value of non-residential properties downtown continue to put tax pressure on businesses. We continued to work with the City throughout late 2018 and into 2019 to find both short- and long-term solutions.

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To learn more about the Chamber’s advocacy efforts visit: https://www.calgarychamber.com/policy/