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The programs we offer are world-class and will support you to grow your business.


Ignite is our business accelerator program specifically designed to power small and medium sized companies in Calgary. Companies that, we believe, have the greatest ability to grow and diversify the Calgary economy.

Incito Executive and Leadership Development went through Ignite and discovered how to launch a new revenue stream and service for clients. “We started to see an increased demand for leadership team development.” Says Jenn Lofgren of Incito. Read Jenn’s growth story on our blog:

CEO Peer Mentoring

CEO Peer Mentoring is a program that will inspire leaders of second-stage, growth oriented companies and is influenced by the Edward Lowe Foundation’s internationally recognized methodology of peer learning programs.

Megan Stanley, of Dogma training and education, started CEO peer mentoring in 2017. “I was looking for similar sized businesses and people from varying backgrounds for support, and to learn from their experiences.” Learn more about Megan’s experience:


GenYYC is a new leadership development program between the business sector and the charitable community. Designed through a collaborative partnership between the Calgary Chamber and the Calgary Foundation, GenYYC nourishes emerging young leaders in the city.

In 2018, participants took part in accessibility workshops, truth and reconciliation training, and were given the opportunity to pitch ever-lasting community projects to be funded. “There is a tendency, when we learn about things in the history classroom, to forget the reality behind the text. As a born and raised Calgarian, I had of course heard many stories about the history of our city and the land surrounding it. I understood the importance of this history intellectually, but spending a day with the Community Leaders and Elders at Blackfoot Crossing put faces to facts and brought the discussion out of textbooks and into modern policies and community relationships. It was eye opening and inspirational, I am so grateful for the experience.” Says Zach Lyster of the Commons Calgary, on his experience at Blackfoot Crossing.  To learn about GenYYC and related events visit:

To learn more about our programs, visit: